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Crowdfunding is a phenomenon whereby many people help to fund different kinds of projects taking advantage of the multiple resources of the web and social media; it is considered the fundraising of the digital age.


What type of fundaraising campaign can be found on The Sport Funding?

The Funding Sports makes use of the Reward-based model consisting of two different types:
All or Nothing: the project will be financed only if the objective is 100% achieved by the pre-determined deadline; In this case the donations will be transfered from the supporter to The Funding Sport at the end of the fundraising campaign. 
Keep it all: the projet is funded regardless of wheter or not the objectives of the project are achieved by the pre-determined deadline; In this case, the donations will be transferred from supporter (che non vuol dire niente) to The Funding Sport as soon as they are donated..
The type of fundraising campaign is determined by agreement with the company provider of the project in accordance with their needs.
If the  fundraising campaign has ended successfully, The Funding Sport will send the budget to the companies by retaining the 5%

How to support a project?

  • to support a project it is necessary:
  • registering on The Funding Sport
  • on the project page select " Pledge";
  • select the desired reward;
  • enter an amount equal or higher than the selected reward;
  • click "Continue";
  • select the amount of rewards and click "CONTINUE"
  • make the payment.

Who manages the projects on the platform?

Projects are managed entirely by the Team of The Funding Sport. The choice of content and rewards is carried out in collaboration with the Company.

What are "updates"?

In the section "updates"", the Sports Club or The Funding Sport can upload files, texts, videos, or links with the purpose of keeping the supporters/endorsers of the project informed about the latest news.

Who can comment on a project?

Comments can be made only by a user who has supported/endorsed the project and will be published only after being scrutinized by the Team of The Funding Sport.

Why share a project on social media?

In the page dedicated to the project, it is possible, by using the appropriate button, to share your own project on the social media page in order to increase the visibility and therefore enhance the likelihood of it being funded.

I can support an anonymous project?

Yes, each user has the option to anonymously support any project; in this case you will not have the opportunity to leave comments and will not appear in the " backers " section.

When I do i receive the reward?

Within each box dedicated to the rewards it is indicated the period in which the reward will be received by the supporter.

Who is responsible for sending the rewards?

The Company is responsible for sending the rewards, The Funding Sport verifies if the rewards have been sent.

What is the status of the rewards?

Within the user account, in "Backed" can be visualised on the right column, the status/stages (non so cosa indendi in italiano) indicating the current situation of the donations that have been made for the project; the possible status/stages are as follows:
  • New: the donation was taken into consideration but the payment was not successful or it has to be effectuated/completed.
  • Pre approval: the donation for an "All or nothing" project will be charged if the project at the end of the crowdfunding campaign has been financed. It  will then shift to the "Paid" stage and the amount transferred to The Funding Sport. 
  • Paid: he donation was taken into consideration, the payment was charged and the amount transferred to The Funding Sport.
  • Pre approved cancelled: the donation for the "All or nothing" has not been charged as the project was unsuccessful.

What payment system is used by The Funding Sport?

The Funding Sport, uses the  payment services offered by, a pioneer and leader in the world of payment systems.

What payment methods can I use?

Payment can be made with credit or debit card.

When you charged the payment?

The payments will be charged to your acount at different times depending on the type of payment you have selected; in case of "All or nothing" the payment will be charged after the deadline of the project only if the crowdfunding campaign was successful. In case of "Keep it all" the payment will be charged at the moment of the donaiton.

How do I update my account information?

Updating your user account information can be done through the section of "MY ACCOUNT". After adding the new informations, you have to insert the password in the required space and finally click "Confirm".

How do I delete my account?

To delete your user account you need to send a request the form in the "CONTACT US" page.

Something is not clear?

Write through the form that can be found in the " CONTACT US "page.

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